Jack – Home from home.

It has been 3 weeks since leaving voss, and my experience in Norway has left a lasting affect. Although I wanted to return home and back to normal life, I was reluctant to leave Voss. We had definetly made the most of our time in Norway – as you will see through our blog – however I would have happily stayed longer as there was so much more to explore! It has been quite a culture shock coming back home, but I know I will return in the near future, especially considering a few of my norgwgian work colleagues have invited me back.

It has been one of the most inspiring and eye-opening experience I have had yet, I encourage anyone and everyone eligible for the erasmus+ program to sign up and have a go, grab this opportunity with both hands!


Mary- Final Thoughts

The final week of the trip was good. The bets thing was the weather was fantastic the whole week, not only in Voss but also in Bergan, Stavanger and Aberdeen when we were travelling home on the Friday.

Overall it was a really enjoyable trip and it was a great opportunity to get to experience something different in Norway, a country I’ve now been to 13 times and absolutely love going to. The people I got to work with were great and I really enjoyed my work placement in working with computers as a whole.

I’d definitely recommend this opportunity to others who get the chance to go in the future.

I made a video on the whole trip, from leaving Shetland to getting back to Shetland, and I posted it on my YouTube channel.


Josh Laing- Week 3 & 4 (return home)

Week 3 was another busy week between working and trying to make the most out of our last weekend in Norway. The working week was productive and I found myself gaining more confidence working with Hemre Bygg, which in turn allowed me to complete greater variety of work.

On the Saturday, me, Courtney and Jack went and spent the day in Bergen. We were lucky enough to have a stunning day while we were there which just added to the experience. We had not organised much of a plan while in Bergen but it soon became apparent that we didn’t need one as it was a really nice city to just wander around. We did however travel on the Funicular up to the mountain Fløyen were we saw spectacular views of Bergen. On Sunday, as the fine weather continued I went for a hike up
Gråsidetoppen, a mountain just south of Voss.

Week 4 seemed to be over before it begun. Work continued to improve, which made it harder to leave as I became pally with some of the boys I worked with. I think they appreciated the work I had done and I am glad I was given the opportunity to work for Hemre Bygg. Trond came and picked us up from our workplaces on Thursday and we went for coffee with him and Jane (who had arrived on Wednesday) which was followed by our final meal in Voss.

On Friday we began to travel home. The whole experience was amazing and something I would highly recommend to future students interested in travelling/working abroad. The students I travelled with were a great laugh and I think we worked really well as a group. Voss is situated in such a lovely place which meant I was never really bored when I had free time. I did have slight issues with work in week 2 but this did improve, other than that I have no complaints about the trip at all. Although a lot of things I had planned to do were only available in the summer months, we made sure every weekend was packed full of activities. Who knows what will happen in the future but I would love to return to Norway some day.

Mary- The Third Week

The third week was really enjoyable. The weather decided to improve this week, which was handy because my Brother came back down for the weekend

Me with my brother Jeemie.

On Satuday (6th April) we took a drive up to Laerdal, so we could drive through Laerdal Tunnel and so he could stop in the middel of it.

Yes. Laerdal Tunnel again…. It’s an amazing tunnel
We even snapped a selfie while stopped in the tunnel
Not everyday you get to record a video with 1km of rock above your head, right?

Since the weather was stunning (like shetland summer stunning) we went for a walk round the lake area in Voss that evening before we went for dinner.

When the weather’s amazing and you’ve only been in Voss for one weekend previous (and it was raining then) what do you do? You take pictures


Jack – Our adventures

The past few weeks have been draining, with little time to rest between work and weekends, we have packed as many activities and excursions into our time here as we could manage. From visiting bergan to enjoying the fjords through Norway in a nutshell.

There wasn’t much to do for 2 hours in Myrdal while we waited for the train, however the scenery was beautiful.

Our train journeys through the mountains seemed to leave us all in shock and aw, especially magnus…

The weather was certainly in our favour on the day trip to Bergen, with no wind it reached 18 degrees.

It’s safe to say we played the tourist part very well…

It was nice to sit and have a cuppa looking over bergan, while we lapped up the sun and soaked in the amazing views!!

It hasn’t only been a travelling and sightseeing experience we’ve been on, Oh no, we have been on a Culinary adventure! Trying voss’ local delicacy of smoked sheep’s head – It was an experience, that’s for sure – it’s not everyday you eat a meal that looks back at you.

~ Jack.

Mary- The Second Week

Laerdal Tunnel

The second week in Voss was pretty good.

At work I helped to reinstall windows 10 on and then update laptops for VossaJazz, as well as reinstalling windows 10 on other laptops. I didn’t do too much at nights, I mainly just kept to myself at the accommodation.

On Friday I was allowed to leave work at lunch time because I was going to visit family for the weekend. My Dad drove down to Voss from Vestnes, a 400km 6-7 hour drive, to pick me up.

During the drive up north we passed through Laerdal Tunnel (pictured), the longest road tunnel in the world at 24km long. Every 6km the tunnel opens up with laybys on either side of the road and lights up with colourful lights. We stopped in the middle of the tunnel, when I got the chance to take the photo above, and where in the tunnel you have 1km of rock above your head.

I didn’t do much of any interest on Saturday, mainly spent time with my family up in Vestnes. On Sunday Morning me and my brother left Vestnes to take me back down to Voss.


Courtney – Week Two

The second week has been really fun and productive.

On Tuesday I was invited by another student at my placement to play volleyball in the new Gymnast high school which was really nice getting to know new people.

On Wednesday the school went skiing at the Myrkdalen ski resort which was really fun, although borrowing cross country skis was very hard for the first time so I decided to stay on the smaller slopes. I have been skiing on a school trip before although it was a few years ago.

Me Josh and Magnus then went to this same ski resort on Sunday which was really fun and the normal skis were a lot easier so I managed to get higher up the slopes.

On the Saturday we decided to go on the Norway In A Nutshell trip which was a really good experience to see the fjords and the different beautiful journey there and back.